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(Q1 ) Is there any training material for basic function of m-In?


(Q2) What is "No. of Notes/month" in Payment Plan? How to count it?


Four types of document are called "Note". They are "Stock In Note", "Stock Out Note", "Stock Transfer Note" and "Stock Take Note". "No. of Notes/month" means upper limit of number of a type of note your plan allowed to create per month. For example "Free" plan can create 5 "No. of Notes/month", let's say you already created 5 "Stock In Note" in this month and want to create the 6th one, system will prompt you to upgrade your plan in order to proceed. Or, you can wait a little bit and create another 5 "Stock In Note" in next month.

(Q3) Can I print label in m-In?

Currently label printing is not supported in m-In. You can use third-party label printing software such as "ZebraDesigner Pro" to design your label layout and perform label printing.

(Q4) How can I update item inventory?

You can update your item inventory in Web version or Mobile version. In Web version, you can create "Stock In Note", add your items to the note, set quantity of items to receive and post the note to add those quantity into inventory. Also, after you created "Stock In Note" on Web, you can find this note on Mobile version, you can scan the item barcode to increase the "Qty. to Receive" and "Save" the note to update the item inventory in server.

(Q5) Do m-In support unicode?

m-In support UTF8 code for text fields. Please pay attention to what barcode symbology your item are using. If you are using Code128 and you put Chinese characters as Item No., then you cannot set Item No. as a scanning target as Code128 is only for alphanumeric or numeric-only barcodes. You can use QR code instead.

(Q6) What means by Item Status is "Active"? What is the difference between setting an item to inactive and deleting an item?

Item can be set to "Active" or "Inactive" in item update page. System only show active items in Stock In/Out/Transfer/Take item selection list. Also, upper limit of "No. of Items" in Subscription Plan only takes "Active" items into account. Inactive item is still in the system, just you cannot use it in operation. However, after you deleted an item, that item no longer exists in the system.



(Q7) Do mobile version support scanning barcode using phone camera?

Yes. Mobile version can install on Android device version 8.0 (Oreo) or above, after granting permission, you can use phone camera to scan barcode in app.

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