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Online business with ease

with Ecommerce Platform

Integrating cloud inventory management with e-commerce and online shopping platforms, simplicity of operations and linkage.

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Trends in Online Shopping


Online shopping is a trend of the times. If a successful company does not have a fast and accurate order system, then even if there are more than 100 million orders per day, there is not enough manpower and time to deal with it, and customers will be lost. Therefore, a system that can integrate e-commerce and its own platform is very important.


Automated Order Processing


m-In is the best choice for the company, it can seamlessly connect HKTVmall and Shopify, even if the product name and SKU on the two platforms are different from m-In, m-In can  automatically connect to the inventory platform , Merchants do not need to enter separately on the two platforms, saving time and effort, and then achieving an accurate delivery/incoming process.

Combination of hardware and software


m-In is also equipped with a lot of suitable hardware, such as mobile barcode scanners and tablets, which are convenient for merchants to cope with the daily operation of the warehouse, and reduce the chance of manual errors, and with an accurate inventory quantities.


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